How can I merge image and text into a single download-able file?

Hello everyone…
Firstly: Since this is going to be my first post/question please allow me to make this m opportunity to thank the amazing staff of Apgyver for not only providing such a platform; but also for putting so much work in it through creating documentation/videos and personally being so active in the community as a whole… Being so new to this: your hard work has brought me to where I currently stand. Thank you!

I so hope there is a very simple way to do this but that I am just too stupid to realize it…
What I want to do is to get the data per order (model, size, client etc)… have it registered in a unique identifier that shall be later converted to a barcode for the stickers and a QR code (for achieving).

Not finding a way to generate a QR code on my own: I am sourcing it as an image file from here

As for the barCode bit… I sort of cheated using a text font especially designed to convert text to barcodes (as long as you format it correctly).

So now here I have a QR code (which is a .png file) I am hoping to have on the top corner of the document… a barcode (which is text in a rather unique font) that I would want in a list with dividers as meant to be cut and then stuck on… And all the context of mentioned order that would be presented had we read the unique identifier code from its barCode and/or QRCode.

Since placement is rather crucial: I fail to make use of the Open Image Editor flow (Unless there IS a way to pre-format it’s contents)… I am not so sure on how convert it all into base64 and if that is even an option/solution.

Try to think of it in simpler terms of creating the memes in the meme generator… But that you want to also save the memes you have created into a file.

Sorry for the “too much to read”… I guess I am too much into details :confused:


Hello Harri… I am SO SORRY for bumping my questions to your side like this. Please forgive my rudeness.
BUT due to your mention of a Flow function “Capture screenshot” from a while back… I thought you just might have some answers that may fit as a work around.

Thank you and who ever can have a bite at this fore hand

Hi Berter
Not sure if you found the solution to your problem yet. I was wondering if you could help or show me how you used the barcode font. I am trying to create an app for our business to convert text into barcodes. I see you have done that in your app. Could you please share your method/process how to include this font in my app design?
thanks heaps