How can I monetize an app?


I was wondering how I could monetize an app here. Admob or other ad providers. As I can see on the forum there is no way to monetize, but the posts are a bit old so maybe something has changed since? Monetization is an important part of an application I am trying to make and release to Google Play. If you have any idea or news about this matter, please reply. Thanks!

Personally, I understand that you can not as it does other platforms such as KODULAR among others (Although in KODULAR they also removed that option, and now they are other monetization rules).

“It should be clarified that Google Play and AppGallery are blocking all apps that have the monetization system with AdMob, because they are showing more explicit content that violates privacy policies.”

Some that have websites that you can monetize, if you can create an app and put the URL (It would be an app as hybrid).

The AppCreator24 community is where the blockages for monetization began to suffer the most, and AdMob is violating privacy policies and putting other communities on alert. (You have to be careful because Google Play blocks (No right to appeal and may even lose developer membership), but at the same time they have to generate another APK with a new different signature).

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But hold on, wasn’t AdMob part of Google? What is every app and game using (besides unity ads) as an ad provider while also having their app up and running on the Google Playstore? Does Google Play give the option to include ads (or at least suggest an ad provider)?

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Yes, AdMob is part of the Google project, what happens is that Google is a brand, but with different developers and projects, such as YouTube, Excel, Apps Script, Firebase, AppSheet, among many, but the privacy policies are different from each other.

For example, Kodular for now left more than many users without the monetization component of AdMob and everyone was told to move to “Google Ad Manag” (Google Ad Manager - Integrated Advertising Management Platform But the community still has the problems with the store, which even with this new system they are rejecting the app).

The Company of MiniClip, also had its problems, in the game “8 BALL POOL” most popular in the world, had to migrate its monetization to the company of “Unity Ads, StartApp, Amazon, AppLovin, LeadBolt, Facebook Ads”, since they control explicit advertisements (Only in the case MiniClip is a very large company of games and each developer gave him wait so that they do not delete them)

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Well, that sucks… I really don’t know what can I use. I used AdSense on my website and planned on using Google for advertising again on mobile. Now that I think about it, I am not sure what to use.

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I was from AdMob, because I was the one that pays better and integrated better in the applications, but the rules are getting more complicated every day, which made many platforms boring.
Unity Ads, people are more inclined to that medium, I know it, but I never get to monetize with Unity Ads, but I have seen good results, but they say that the pay is much less than AdMob.

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Google is Google, they always had decent payment. I preferred to get ads from the same company to which I published my app. This way I can get help for both from the same company. Everything is linked together in this way.

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