How can i place sth in the middle?

I want to place sth 100% in the middle. Unless of the device or if its the webapp.
At this time i only know the positioning setting, but there i have to set the values manually and then it’s not equal on every device. How can i do this? I also found no formula for this.

We have no idea what you are talking about, to put it simply. You will need to elaborate more in order to get a clear response from us. We’re ready to help!

I get what @friendly424234 is asking for. Let me elaborate. So If I wanted to add say a floating button to the middle of my page, i.e 50% of my page height, whatever the page height is. Please note, not screen height but dynamic page height. The approach s/he has considered is to use position from either top or bottom but position only accepts pixels and not %. And the problem with pixel is that different screen sizes and even dynamic page height makes it hard to pin-point the 50% position of the page all the time if not never.

I’ll be keen to learn how one might hack this.

@friendly424234 is this what you were asking about?

yes, of course. that’s it.

Did anyone ever solve how to do this?

I am trying to float a buy button at the bottom of the screen while everything else scrolls past.

Any ideas how to achieve this?

You need to use a scroll view that has the width and height both set to 100%.
On page layout style tab you need to set the disable scroll and stretch to viewport height both to checked. Also make sure to position your scroll view with absolute position and set the z index to some number.

Then lace anything you want to float and set its position to absolute and set its z-index to a higher number then the number in the scroll view component.