How can I repeat a Google Chart component?

I am trying to create a horizontally scrolling set of Google Chart components without the scroll bar.

I tried to put a container inside a scroll view component. Then I put the Google Chart component inside the container. I assign the repeat with property of the container to the pageVars that has the list of chartData. I then set the chartData in the Google Chart component to the current item’s chartData list of list of string/numbers… However, it will not render any chart.

Can you please help?

Actually, I did something simple to check. I tried to duplicate the Google Chart component so that it has the same inputs. It shows only the first chart and not the 2nd chart. So, it seems that Appgyver can only show 1 Google Chart Component in the viewport. Is this right? Is there a way to show two charts at the same time?

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Same doubt… I have tried to have 2 charts on same page but I can’t get it. :frowning:
I think that the problem is how to get the element:

We have an improved version of charts on the way, I’ll add this as a thing to check with it when it comes!