How can I sell the app ownership?

In case after launching my app, after a particular time, I wanted to sell my app ownership to someone else, how I can I do that?
I guess app source code cannot be exported.
So should I just handover my appgyver account to the other person?
What are the potential choices we have? (Will the buyer be ready to buy the app ownership without the source code but just the Appgyver account)? Has anyone done that?

What type of applications are you talking about? Android app, web app?

Planning to create the app for Android and iOS.

Appgyver generates the code for Android and Apple, after you can give this code to your customers to put it on the corresponding stores.

It’s that source code which customer can later modify themselves manually without appgyver? Because if all selling the business at one point of time, buyer would expect the source code for the app which he can modify according to his needs.
Btw, am not talking about doing a project for a customer. It’s about creating an app for myself and later sell the app business at one point of time for any reason (Getting a good offer/not able to manage it/etc).
Will I be able to get the source code of the app or just a package/machine code that only can be published to the stores but cannot be modified manually without appgyver.

The source code is not really “readable”, it must be specified that it is to create under appgyver.

Yes. So going back to my OP, should I handover my Appgyver account to the buyer in that case or do we have any other choice?
If handing over the account is the only way, should I better create apps under separate accounts so that if I sell one app business I can just handover that appgyver account to the buyer.

Yes it seems to me the best option