How come the favicon does not work on web app?

The image I upload for a favicon never seems to transfer into the web build? What is the secret sauce?

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Its a bug.

Upvote the tracker issue. But don´t hold your breath … although its a simple fix its been on the todo list for 6 months now.

@Mevi How do we get some sort of progress or insight on when / if this will be fixed? Its not a big issue. Why has it sat around for 6+ month?

Thank you. While we are on the subject of changing the build files directly, I wonder how I would identify the element which would contain the webview but does not show on web app? I want to try to add some javascript which would insert a video element or an iframe to create an on-page video player. I have noticed appgyver uses some css generated class, but it is hard to determine which element or container should contain the webview because it does not seem to even be rendered on web as anything.

How about 2 containers, one with the webview that you toggle visibility off when web is detected, the other that you turn on when web is detected, with your java and iframe?

Just in case you haven´t seen it, there is a java component available as a flow function. I didn´t see it initially hence mentioning it. If you already know about it then all good.

I have been doing something similar. I have a container with a webview for native, but in the web app, I have to forward to a custom video player i made, which just plays a full screen video. It would be nice to be able to play the video inside the appgyver web app. I have not seen the java component!!! That is exciting. I started with java, o am familiar with it. I have seen the javascript component, but to my understanding it, isnt it only for applying different functions within the appgyver system? In other words, it cannot be used to import scripts and insert and create html elements, can it?? I hope I am wrong.

I don´t know much about the java component so can´t help, but there is bound to be some good discussions of its use on the forum.

Good luck.

@Phil_Evans anything that has a workaround one way or another is lower priority I’m afraid. Other than that I don’t know exactly, as this is not under my team’s jurisdiction, other than the usual reasons: we are very short on resources :confused: But I bumped this ticket in hopes that it would get more visibility now.


This doesn’t have a workaround. It is no longer possible to manually modify the files.

:grimacing: Thanks for letting me know.

What do you mean? Do you mean in web build or native? I just modified some files last night to change favicon for web app and it worked.

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Oh, it hadn´t worked for me the last time I tried. Which runtime version did you use? I will try again.

I succeeded in changing the page titles but not the favicon… for my webapp