How configure a material checklist

I want to do a simple page in Appgyver but I don’t really know how to do it.

In that page, I want to be able to configure a material checklist for a specific combination of Customer / Vehicle. 3 differents vehicles (a, b, c) and a list of 4 customers (customer a, customer b, …).

The page has 2 parts : 1st part where you can manage the differents checklist created and 2nd part where you can actually create the checklist (dropdown field for vehicles and differents parts of the checklist and an input field to write the customer).

Can someone please help me ?

From what i understand, you want what is shown to the image, can you explain better the question, because i understand what you cant make.

On the picture this is what I have already done. I actually need help to make it work (variable, backend, flow function or JavaScript)

oh ok,so to add your own values in the dropdown, you need to have a list of objects like this
[{label: “hjf”, value: “oiy”}, {label: “luy”, value: “mgfx”}]
where, the values and the labels are set by your user.
i suggest you also take a look at the forum on how to connect a database like firebase.