How do I add a client variable to a input text component?

I am trying to add a client variable to a input text component so when the user clears their apps, they can reopen the app and their text will still be there.

How would I do this?

I do like this:

1- Create a new data resouce with type “On-device storage”

2- Create Record(flow function)

How and where do I do the create record and choose flow function? I’ve tried attaching my data variables to app and page variables but it says incompatible. My variables are texts

read this:

and make the 4-tutorial in composer (Data)

I read it and it isn’t as simple as adding a client variable to an input box is what I want.

Is there an easy 1-5 step process?

Whenever I swipe my apps off my screen I want my input boxes to read the same before I exited the app

Nope. That is the way what Leonardo linked in above. You have to create some kind of data resource. It will not just happen magically.

  1. step: Create on device data resource with a required schema.
  2. step: create the data record after the client inputed something (use the new data variable and also the create record logic flow)
  3. step: when opening the specific page in your app do a get record flow and set the single data record variable to the output of the get record flow (now here is the more difficult part, to know the id of the data record that you need)
  4. step: bind that input to your data variable. And there you have it.

There are not really more than a few steps that should be done. But the first of all is to put in the effort to understand how data works in an app…

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This is what I have and every time I swipe the apps from the Home Screen (which exits the app) I reopen the app and all the input text fields are empty

Wow. I suggest that you stop right where you are. Do not do anything on your app before you have gone through the tutorial. You barely did like 20% of that. Data variables are at the second part.
I am not surprised that you have issues.
So again. Please, for your good do complete the tutorial and then watch the Appgyver YouTube channel.

After that you will be surprised how much different your approach will be.

And for the images…
Why on earth do you have each input field as a separate text?? Don’t they have anything in common? Aren’t they part of a greater picture? Like one user data record that can have a property of name, age, bio and whatsoever?

I am really sorry, but it is really difficult to help with an issue that would not be present if you put in the effort to learn.

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I agree with this, after doing the tutorials and watching the youtube video (appgyver channel or others) you are “inside” the logic and operation of the platform

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