How do i add new font

How do I add the newly uploaded font ?

Normally it should be quite simple. You go to themes tab at the top. There you go to fonts and upload it. (or add it from url)
After this e.g. add a paragraph and go to styles tab. open the editor of the style you want to use and scroll down to fonts.

There you click on the icon directly under the headline “Font”. Choose “Static Text” and then you are able to choose your font.

Hope this helps :smile:

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Now if you want to add another font style, in case you do not like the default ones, add it from a link or if you have it downloaded, in that case you enter themes and add it or paste the URL, do not forget to activate the checkboxes of the letters that you are going to use so that it gives a good result in the compilations.

After doing the steps, you must also complete it with the steps that I explain @friendly424234

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