How Do I Add Video that Is Available to the User Offline?


Non-developer here. Very minimal html skills.

My employer hired me to produce educational videos for their staff and clients who do a lot of traveling. I’m using AppGyver to develop an app that allows their staff and clients to access those videos online and then download them locally to their devices for use when they’re offline (such as when they are on an airplane).

I apologize if I missed how to do this somewhere on the forums. Any help pointing me in the right direction is greatly appreciated.

Have a great day!


Sorry this answer comes so late, I hope you managed to figure something out on your own, but if you didn’t, or for the next one who is interested in this: I haven’t tried it myself, but my guess would be using the download files or export to downloads flow functions to implement this would work. This documentation is probably helpful in uploading the files beforehand, and preparing them for download.