How do I combine form data into unique searchable records?

I’m building a simple damage reporting app. On-site users create incident reports and others will retrieve them later. The app has a form to enter problem name, description, category, location, urgency score and record a short video. This has been easy to wireframe in AppGyver but I’m struggling to combine the different types of data into searchable records. For example, there may be 500 “flood damage” reports uploaded to the app. I need a unique record for each incident (including some keyword or other search criteria). Are there any instructions on combining, uploading and retrieving user input data in this manner? Have I missed something obvious? Thanks in advance!

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Hi, I would do this by creating some page variables that I bind to the form input fields, and then send them in the Create Record node where I create the record – check out this tutorial. The GENERATE_UUID (link) formula can come in handy in creating unique ID’s. Then when you are searching for items, you can use the SELECT() formula (link) to filter a list based on different criteria.