How do I create an app designed for iPad Pro 12.9in, iPhone 5.5in, and iPhone 6.5in?

I am trying to distribute my app to the App Store and I need it to run on all three sizes proportionally. When I opened my Build in TestFlight, the iPad app version was a mess.

How can I scale the app to fit 3 sizes?

Some screen shots would help understand your issues.

What components are you using to format these boxes? Everything needs to be set to percentages, no fixed padding.

As the number of items in each row ought to be different at each screen size, maybe you need to design a specific layout for say under 400 and over 900? Then just hide the containers that are not relevant to the device size.

How would I make each box a certain percentage? That might work

Look at the layout options for the container. Percentage is one of the many options.

I believe you can use the device screen size formula:

systemVars.dimensions. (see the options in the composer)

Can you give me an example of a formula

Container for each check box?

Thats probably one option. You just need to try out all of the options available and find the one that works best for you.

My comment about containers is to build the whole thing with different sizings 3 times, in a separate container each. The use visibility settings to make sure only one shows at any given time based on the system variable of screen size.

Congratulations that worked thank you. I just had to put a container around the whole thing and made everything relative. Only had to do it once! Thanks

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my second line is an formula, if you don’t know how to use formula, I advise you to do the tutorials