How do I delete a record in a list

How do I delete a record in a list using the app

Depends. If it is an app/page variable type list then you should use the set app/page variable flow and set the value to formula WITHOUT_ITEM(). Read about it more in the docs.

If you refer to a data resource as a list, then you need the ID of the record and use the “delete record” flow.

Here’s what I have and its not working.

In this case you would need to set the ID to Data in repeat. And there select the correct property.

*Note, please go through the WHOLE tutorial bar. Do every videos.

I watched the videos.

One more, here is where I can add formula to the list

And here under ID is where

Set the id to this formula:

It is just weird how these custom component work. Honestly, I don’t like the way they work, but the formula above should solve your issue…

The problem with my earlier suggestion is that this component is not simply built with a “repeat with” container but also has some custom events added in. Now the tap event will output an object of the “current tapped item” which has the id property. That is the property you can retrieve from there. So far I didn’t see a way how you could retrieve other properties…