How do I do this? Flyaway headers, Swipe events

There are some interactivity features that would be nice and are typical on most modern apps that seem to be missing.

Is there a way to do these?
1a) Headers that fly away after scrolling down.
1b) Related: Footers that fly away when scrolling up.

  1. Swipe left/swipe right events/animations.
  2. Don’t know what its called, but when you swipe left or right on a list item and it slides to the left or right to displace one or more icons that can be tapped.
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Hi! Sorry on the belated answer.

We plan on improving animations and events in the future.

Specifically, 4. is coming sooner than the others as we require it for one of our customer projects.

However, you may be able to do some of the 1) things using lottie animations or the current animation capabilities.

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