How do I get the value of a specific field using appgyver

I want to get the value of field named category
I tried this formula:
outputs[“HTTP request”].resBodyParsed[‘category.stringValue’]
But it throws the error “undefined”

I need it for a project I’m working on. Any help is much appreciated :))

I hink there are a few options for this. Depedning on how many categories you have you could do a few things. First, you could set up your data resource “Get Record” section. Here you configure everything, then pass the id for the record in your app to “point” to the relevant record. Then your output flow above would be able to capture this with some modifications.

Second, you could search specificially for the records you need (I have a video that shows this at a very high level here): How To Clean API Responses In Appgyver - YouTube

Additionally, If you have a smaller number of ingredients or entrees you could try to hard code different areas of the app. For example, in the video below around the 30 minute mark I show a ticket management app. This has limited categories that are hard coded (1-5) and each has a different page. Then at 34:48 I show how to order is decending order. Instead of ordering this way, you could try to order or sort by the values (help article on this function here Order - list).

Video: How To Clean API Responses In Appgyver - YouTube