How do I let users save their own text

Hello! I have a question regarding my app idea.
I want to build an app were users give answers to questions.
There is no good or wrong answer, but I want them to be able to save their answer in the app so they can later look back on their answers, is this possible? And if so, how do I make it happen?
Thank you for your help in advance!


Yes this is possible! If you want the users to only see their own answers, I would recommend using a client side data resource for this. That means the answers would be saved device-specifically and could be retrieved later for the users to see. Maybe you want to save the questions too, so you could create a client side data resource with the properties question and answer, and with every answer submission you could use Create record to add both the question and user’s answer to the data resource. Then, you can use a data variable to access the questions and answers and display them where you please.

I think this tutorial would cover everything you need to know and what I explained above! Just use client side data resource instead of AG Cloud Storage .