How do I replace the AppGyver logo when my app loads?

Is it possible to not have the AppGyver logo appear when loading? It doesn’t show when I preview the app on the web but my build continues to show it when testing in Play Store. Any help would be greatly appreciated because I am down to this single issue before release. Thank you.

In case anyone else is having trouble with this, after reading virtually every post on the forum about splash screens, this is the answer to my own question.

Yes, the AppGyver splash screen can be replaced. In order to do so, you must make a png for EVERY SIZE SPLASH SCREEN. Go to Launch, then choose Distribute and Open Build Service. Choose Configure under the build of your choice. Under Image Assets you will find Splash screens. You will need to create a png for each size listed and upload them. They must be to the exact size specification. I am somewhat uneducated in current image creation technology so I just used Paint to do it.

This alone will cause your new splash screen to come up…and freeze. You must also go to your chosen initial page in the UI Canvas and under Properties, open Advanced Properties. Toggle the button “Allow page to be opened without authentication”.

If you choose to create your own icon so that your app isn’t identified on screen with the generic AppGyver icon, that can be done during the build at Image Assets, also. Again, make sure you load one for each size listed and upload them.

After reading through all the answers on the forum, this seems to be the easiest way to do it. Hopefully this saves someone else a lot of time.

I use this website to create my logos and splash screens. Ape Tools: Don't Go Ape - Go Ape Tools. App Icon and Splashscreen Generator. Make your app happen.

I also use to resize images. Apple requires you to remove the alpha layer on the image and it can be done with Gimp with a couple of clicks.

Good luck

If you don’t want to go through the steps for authentication, remove all authentication requirements by going to AUTH on the toolbar and making sure it says ENABLE AUTHENTICATION. This will work to show your own splash screen and/or icon, also.