How do i set complex variable values?

I have defined a complex App Variable:

What I want to do is set:
APP_AirtableStudentData.records[0].fields.Inbox = “some value”

But when I do a Set App Variable flow function, it only expands down to ‘records’, with no way to let me specify the index([0 or whatever]), and the subfields (‘fields.Inbox’).

So how do i set these type of variables to = something?

I used to be able to specify the entire variable (APP_AirtableStudentData.records[0].fields.Inbox) in a Formula, but the Set APP Variable flow function no longer lets me use a Formula to reference variables now.

Hi! Use a formula in the value of the set app variable flow function. I would probably do this by combining SET_KEY and MAP formula functions or something similar. Something like

SET_KEY(appVars.APP_AirtableStudentData, “records”, MAP(appVars.APP_AirtableStudentData.records, IF([formula for determining the correct item to set],SET_KEY(item.fields.inbox==“some value”),item)))

or similar, with no guarantee that I have the right amount of brackets etc. It’s easiest if you can use something other than the index to determine which one you want to change, but we will also be releasing in the coming weeks hopefully more formula functions to work with indexes of Array items.