How do I store a list of values for a variable with a data type of a list of objects with properties in Firebase?

I have a variable where the data type is a list of objects with 1 property so I can use it to have a text component repeat with it. How do I store this in Firebase? I’ve searched online about this but I can’t really find anything useful. I am doing this so that after I publish my app to the App Store I can just change the text from Firebase. I have tried to store strings like [{content: “some text”}, {content: “some text”}] in Firebase but it would only work if it was treated like a formula, not a string, and I don’t know how to make it do that.

This schema does not look right.
Remove all that.

We’d need more context. Do you input data into this variable manually, from an input field?
Please share more screen of your flow so we understand well.

Your goal is to get to this point where the update record flow function enables you to bind it to a list of objects with 1 property, a bit like below.