How do I use airtable rest API to create user login/signup

I am new here, I need step by step guide on how I will do the followings:

  1. add airtable rest API to data source
  2. Create user login/sign up and connect to airtable data
  3. after user login, create where user can time to time store (input) log of information as inventory
  4. Create on each user account where user can view his/her log of info filter by choice
  5. create where i the developer can collect all users log of information at the backend not visible to the user but can give them on user request.

you will save my day if you attend to me ASAP. thanks

AppGyver staff should please help me out… waiting


I would start by checking out these tutorials as they cover most of your questions. I also found this youtube tutorial that uses Airtable and AppGyver if that would be helpful in getting you started.