How do you access the “Number input component”?

See my previously ignored thread for details How do you access the "Number input component"?

Hi, what is the name of the component you are using in the screenshot you posted in the other thread? Both “input field” and the primitive input should have “number-pad” as one option for keyboard type.

Hey Mari, so I was using the “input field” component which only allows “default” and “email-address” however I tried out the primitive input and for some reason that one does have all the options.

Let me know if there’s any info I could provide to help the team figure out why this bug is occurring.


Turns out having the keyboard set to anything will still only give produce the default keyboard.

It looks like the app I got started off with had some issues, I’ve created a new app and I guess I’ll have to move everything over

Hi, thanks for reporting and sorry for the inconvenience! What’s the first app’s ID (found in the URL in Composer)? I can put that forward to the dev team, if you can preserve the project so we can investigate the issue.

Hey Mari, sorry I forgot to reply in a timely fashion!

This is the ID for the project: 224425.

I restarted in a project that works perfectly, but I’d still be interested to know what was the cause of that project’s issue - assuming the team is alright with sharing that kind of information.


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