How Do You Execute Flow Functions Without "Component Tap Event"?

Guys, how do you execute flow functions without “Component Tap Event” ?
i want an event like “On Component Ready” do something, automatically run my flow function without user input .I’ve tried Receive Event ,didn’t work .

Depending on the application, you can use the page mounted and/or page focused event in the page layout (or add them anywhere you want using the trigger event flow function)

Also, in some components, there are more events like component mounted but that depends on the component

Or a simple delay after the page focus. I delay the spinner disappearing on all of my pages for 50ms to avoid flickers when variables are read and then displayed. It seems to work well for that.

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i know i can use page mounted and/or page focused event ,but the options are not there when you try on repeated items .um creating a forum item list, it has a header, body and footer, the body-data has user id in it ,so i have to take that user id and get user info to populate the header (username and profile image ) with. The GetUserInfo is a flow function i want to tricker automatically

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Image Components have an event “Component Onloaded”, it get trigged all the time the image is loaded even for the image_placeholder.png image. so you can add an Image Component and hide it, then use event “Component Onloaded” from the hidden Image Components to load data without user interaction (Event “Component Tap”).it works for now as a trigger if you cant use Page Events especially within a list of repeated items or in Recycler View Or Scroll, however if you have a better way of doing it, please please please let me know