How do you get the Index of a repeated item?

This seems like it should be so simple but I cant figure it out. I just want to be able to display “1”, “2”, “3”, etc, for each item displayed by their index in the array.

Nevermind, I did this hack here…

MAP(pageVars.PAGE_MyArray, SET_KEY(item, “index”, index))

Would be nice if there was a built-in “index” property for “current”. Like current.index …

Yeeep, this is coming with the new 2.X and formulas therein :sweat_smile:

How is the state of this functionality? I can see the repeatedinfo.index property but it’s always null


Ive since discovered that there is an INDEX_OF function

Hi! This is available on 2.4.X runtimes (not on AG Legend). I just checked and it’s working fine for me, so if it isn’t working for you on 2.4.X, we’ll need to look more into how and where you use it to know what’s going on :slight_smile:

Hi Mevi. Maybe there’s something i’m not doing right. I have two nested list (first I’ve the “repeat as” = bloqueeee) and when I’ll check the repeatedinfo.bloqueeee.index value in an alert, the value is empty, so obviusly, when I make the query bloqueee[repeatedinfo.bloqueeee.index] the result it’s empty.

May could you keep an eye inside this? The app id is 181696. I could send you more detailed instrucions thpugh DM (there’s a lot of screeens and buttons).

Thanks in advance

Oh!! Ah yeah I encountered this issue before but forgot about it – repeatedInfo doesn’t work in logic yet (it hasn’t been implemented yet). This is currently planned to be fixed under 2.5.X or later. Sorry about the confusion :disappointed_relieved:

Ok! Thx for the reply. At the moment I solver ot by manual adding the index with a map funcion but it’s provisional of course. Thx for the info!!

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