How do you link to new page from thumbnail carousel?

I’m building a horizontal list like the types used in vod services like netflix, using the thumbnail carousel from the marketplace unfortunately I’m unable to link to a new page.

I’ve enabled the logic to open a new page however when I’ve tried to bind to a new page the only option available is which not what I would expect.

I should say that the data that’s populating the list is via api so includes images and text labels.

Totally lost here so would really appreciate help to solve this issue.


Open page does not work dynamically, it always needs a static page id which will open the same page every time. So there’s a couple of options here:

Recommended option:
Open page from the image carousel would always lead to the same detail page, and you pass the clicked on item’s id to the detail page as a page paramter. Here’s a video that better explains what I mean.

Hacky option:
If you cannot use one detail page for every list item, you could build some sort of IF chain after the component tap event, like if item A was clicked, then open page X, if however item B was clicked, open page Y… and so on.

The thumbnail carousel only has a component tap event and not a list item event so how can I
know which item the the list of the carousel was clicked?

Hello Ceilia, could you please explain in a bit more detail these options, I am trying to open a page and show content based on which carousel item has been clicked and can’t find soluiton for this

I’ve tried sending componentID, setting private variables, output values and so on…