How do you refresh DB value in real-time? Number Counting App

You don’t need to understand “thumbsup”, you rather need to understand the SET_KEY formula. The doc tells you it uses a property name, which in your case is: “CountYes” (rather than “thumbsup”).

I converted a container with the green button and the counter as a component to use “Private Variable” and this is where I am at now.

You do not add these flow functions within the button component. The private variables manages the properties of the button it self.
You need to work on the canvas of the button when viewing the page. This is where you define and manage the user interaction with your front end and your database.

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I re-created and worked on the canvas of the button. The work flow actually got much more simpler.

The green button works, but still having issue with updating the counter in real-time.

Remove the set private variable from this canvas.

Add a "Set repeated item” flow function after your update record as advised earlier by Mihaly:

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It worked! I’m reviewing what I did wrong previously that it didn’t work the first time.

Thanks @Fred_Kuzyk for being patient and kindly walked me through and taught me many things.
Thanks @Mihaly_Toth for the solution.

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