How do you set the value of a form field by formula?

I have tried to set the CreateDate field in logic but failed, then added the field to the form and tried to set it’s value to NOW("") but failed.

I have only 2 fields on my form - Name and CreateDate. I tried to set the CreateDate by setting the PlaceHolder to NOW("") and it looks good on the form but does noting to the actual field value. I thought this would be the simplest thing to do in my first trial app but I’m stuck.


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@Mark_Woodhead it is very simple. Please share some screens for more understanding.

First of all, create a variable (and name it CreateDate or whatever you like) of type data and time
in the form filed, set value field to CreateDate variable
in logic set CreateDate variable to now() with set_page function in the formula. That is all.

Hi Aqil_Abbas_khan,

Thanks for your response. I am very new to Appgyver so I need to go one step at a time to understand your help.

  • Hopefully I have set up the field CreatedDate correctly - see image
  • Where do I set the logic to set the CreatedDate variable?
  • Where is the set_page function - I can’t find it?


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please see this video for more understanding. Thanks