How does page re-orientation work?

Hi - I’ve built an app that looks ok on the desktop and I have my device preview settings set to landscape. However, when I preview the app on my mobile phone, I the appgyver app (and my app as a result) doesn’t seem to honor or obey any phone orientation, and it always displays in portrait.

Do I need to do something in my page or app to allow screen orientation to change?

Phone is google pixel 3.


You should be able to use on global canvas on app load to lock the app to landscape orientation – let me know if it works!

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OK - turns out that the view orientation flow function is not installed by default, so i wasn’t able to find it. Searched the market, found it, and now I am able to handle orientation. Thank you!

Hi Harri,

I have a follow up question about this:

I added a flow function on the global canvas.
For the value type, I choose “text” for string.
When I try to set the app variable, I get a message that indicates that "the type ‘text’ is not assignable to the type “app variable”.

Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong?


Have you followed through the docs & tutorials? These should easily help you understand why this is happening.