How far can I extend the power of composer pro with code?

I’m currently taking top rated paid courses to become a full stack developer with HTML. CSS. Javascript, node, databases & more. I need to know if I’ll be able to extend the power of composer pro to the same level as pure code if I use it as a low code platform, so I’ll know if I’ll be able to build my large apps here or if I’ll have to build them the pure code way. It shouldn’t take me more than 1-2 months to become decent at coding on the front & back end because I’m understanding it pretty easily. I also want to get into creating powerful plugins for composer pro because I believe, I know Appgyver can become the king of no code just like Wordpress is the king of the website builder world with a lot of great plugins, tutorials, examples & showcases, so I want to provide those plugins, tutorials & showcases to help the no code community.

The optimism of youth. I feel perhaps you underestimate some of the learning curves.

Demonstrate your knowledge in the forum by solving people´s issues. There are dozens that are unsolved. There are also a number of people doing great videos, so plenty to learn from.

Good luck with your goals.

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@Jamar_Sloss our extendability via code specifically will be via the ability to include third party plugins. This means the ability to e.g. make your own or include your own camera plugin to have a snapchat/tiktok like experience, your own cool map that would track stuff like uber etc. For that, you’ll most benefit from a good understanding in React, React Native and TypeScript.

Good luck on your journey! :slight_smile:

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I for sure plan on learning React Native right after I complete the Javascript part of my Udemy full stack web development courses. I’m looking through Appgyver docs, but can’t find a tutorial on how to create custom plugins, so is that an upcoming feature?

The release of that feature is still upcoming, so nothing on that in public docs yet. Just pointing you to the right kind of technologies for your learning :slight_smile:

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Creating robust plugins for the front & backend will be a big focus of mine because it will help the community & help me build client apps far faster. I’m learning everything fast, so I should fully complete Colt Steele’s full stack web development bootcamp within weeks. From there I’ll move on to advanced courses. I want to build a big enterprise tech company, so mastering coding / programming is a must.