How hide a Card? (set visible true/false whit button)

I would like to hide a letter with a button, how do I do it?

If it’s a single letter that is a standalone text component, you could use a Boolean (true/false) page or app variable under the Variables tab of the editor’s top toolbar.

If it’s a single text component with multiple words/letters/numbers in it and you wish to hide a single character, I believe you can bind multiple text and number variables (again, Variables tab) to the same text component. You would need to bind them with a formula and then use the logic builder to set an individual variable’s text to new numbers/letters or remove them altogether.

A simulated example might be:
“Sebastian Castellanos, Detective, Krimson City Police Department, 2022”

I would have four variables, the name, the profession, the location, and the year bound to the same text.

In order to style it with commas and spaces for a clean look, the formula code would look something like this at its most basic level: + ", " + pageVars.profession + ", " + pageVars.location + ", " + pageVars.year

Again, you can use the logic interface to set each variable to something else.


hi, install the componet hide and show componet in the funciont market
:smiley: ty

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Hey, @Erick_Damian_Navarro, before you get too invested in using those Show/Hide components, you should know that they are, technically, obsolete and you may have some issues. I believe they were only left so as not to cause issues with older apps that still used that system.

I’d strongly recommend sticking with variables as a Boolean var can control Show/Hide functions once you connect it to the visibility of of your text component. You would then simply bind logic to a button component (or whatever the trigger is) to “Set page variable [Name]” to “true” or “false”.

If you’d like a place to get started with tutorial videos, feel free to check the docs out:

Really easy to work with once you have the concept down, and variables have nothing on how absurdly complex it can get once you start working with formulas – still easy to learn too, though! :smiley:

But, hey, it’s up to you!


Thank You Again… i can Set Visible whit Variables… is better :smiley:

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Hey, glad that worked for you. Good luck with your app! :slight_smile:

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