How i can group list items by category?

I need to group items with category. Is it some solution for this?

  1. User has the list of items
  2. I want to show them by groups

Like a Glide has

Hello, maybe using a Lookup formula.

I dont understand what you mean :frowning:
Lookup formula just get me the result from all json body. not?
Thank you

you can use the GROUP formula

Tell me please, how to show the title of the group and list under it with the group formula

i imagine you could set a list variable, using the group formula so in that variable you have a list with one group of data and then you could make a repeat component and use the grouped list variable as the data.
Then you can use the group criteria as title to the list

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Im sorry, but i dont get this :frowning:
Maybe you can help me with some demo? Thanks a lot!

Hi, @Dimos_Vamvourellis is right! Thanks to him, I did not know the GROUP formula. You have to create a list and then go into the formulas and type GROUP: the explanation is very clear.

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