How is the Date field supposed to work?

I am using the new Date field which is supposed to work both on web and native.
However I’m having a few issues on web (haven’t really tested on mobile yet)

When clicking on a date, it doesn’t remove the calendar. It only removes the calendar when you click back into the date field, and in that case, it doesn’t display the chosen date.

To try and resolve this, I’ve 1) bound the date to a variable and 2) set the placeholder text to that variable. For some reason the variable needs to be date/time text (it doesn’t work when I set it to date text), so the date that’s now showing when I choose the date includes the current time. Of course I could probably try and get around that by setting a separate trimmed variable on component tap, but that feels hacky. And again, I’m having to click back inside of the date field for the calendar to disappear - clicking on a date doesn’t make it disappear, and even clicking outside of the calendar doesn’t work either. What am I missing here?

In my case when clicking around nothing happens but when clicking on the component, the modal closes.

Yep, exactly the same with me. I don’t understand how such a basic functionality as choosing a date can be close to impossible to get right?


There’s a bug at the moment that the change event inside the date field composite (and any other composite) which would trigger closing the date field when a date is chosen does not fire. Normally it does close when a date is selected, but since the event does not fire, it doesn’t. :frowning:

I think I recall it working correctly in 3.4.4, so if you want to check out how it works there, that’s how it should be working. The fix into a 4.X will come as soon as our team gets to tackling this issue.


any news/updates on this??

Sadly, this thing doesn’t work hardly at all on web.

This bug has been fixed but is not in production yet – the fix will be out with 4.4.X version of Preview App.


When would this bug be released in Production ? Any estimated date ?