How long did it take you to learn Appgyver?

Hello all, I am new to Appgyver and thinking of developing a social app for both iOS and Android.

I have few questions regarding Appgyver:

  1. With zero coding experience, is Appgyver the easiest to learn?
  2. How is Appgyver compared to Adalo and Glide?
  3. With zero Backend knowledge, what is the best Backend to use for data?
  4. Does Appgyver provide source code for both iOS and Android apps?
  5. What are some limitations that I should consider using Appgyer?
  6. Will Appgyver host my app files? Also, are there any bandwidth limits?
  7. How long did it take you till you developed your first MVP app?
  8. I noticed that Appgyver resources are limited with little Youtube videos and Twitter mentions. Any good resources to check?