How many pages AppGyver supports?

Hello, I’m developing a simple app which already have 13 pages. I’ve noticed the Composer Pro is becoming slow. Is there a limit of number of pages or other limit on the app size that I should be aware of before chosing AppGyver to develop a final product? Thanks!

Make sure to use replace pages rather than open. Replace is available in the function marketplace.

Some people have many more pages than that, so the absolute number of pages in not likely to be the issue.

But it is worth thinking if you can resuse some of your pages and just feed them variables rather than just going with a new page.

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Thanks, @Phil_Evans
The app itself is actually quite fast, which I like a lot!
The Composer Pro is the one acting a bit slowly. But it’s not that bad, I just asked to see if this is normal and if the Composer has any known limitation like number of pages.

I’ll use this first app to test the performance of the app with a larger firestore DB.

Thanks again!

My recommendation for when you start having a lot of pages is to disable the “preview” of pages when selecting a page by selecting list view instead of grid view. This improves the performance in Composer.

Screenshot 2022-03-07 at 14.15.38


Thanks, Mevi! I did that and I think it improved the performance.

But I think the overall performance is better. I didn’t see anything related to formance in recent changelog of Composer, but my experience is better now.