How pull only 'true' data from Client-Side storage db

Hey All,

I working on a mobile app using client-side db.

It only has four data fields:
id | text | date | isTrue ← binary field

I am doing repeats on a container with a formula - SORT_BY_KEY(data.SavedData1,“sortByDateTime”,“desc”)

This pulls and shows all the ordered data and works as expected.

Now the above container has 4 containers in it setup horizontally to show each of the data fields of the repeating data.

All I want to do is show just the data where ‘isTrue’ is ‘true’ and still keep it in order.

Something like
SORT_BY_KEY(data.SavedData1, if(data.SavedData1.isTrue==true)1,“sortByDateTime”,“desc”)
— I realize this is completely wrong —

If there is a better way to pull the data please let me know.
The app slows down after adding just 50 records which doesn’t seem right.

Any help and or suggestions would be great.


i think what you want to use is SELECT

Thank worked great, thanks.
Used this:
SORT_BY_KEY(SELECT(data.SavedData1, item.isTrue==true),“sortByDateTime”,“desc”)