How to access 2nd Layer Schema/Parsed JSON

Hi there, I am new to AppGyver, really love it and have read a lot of tutorials and watched videos on YouTube but still cannot find a solution to this challenge. I am creating a test app with Airtable Backend, for completeness I added an image to the data. When the JSON response is received by AppGyver, it is layered beyond the examples I find online - for example, to access the Image url you need to get to records[0].fields.Image[0].url
When I “create schema from response” It is created accurately, but when i try to access the data from the front-end, I cannot access beyond Image, to see the details inside the Image object to pick up the URL from it. It seems like only two layers are visible from the front end, and the Image object is of-course incompatible as image-url, but I cannot go in to the details of that object to find the URL.

Hi Bertha, welcome to the community! You can use a formula function binding with records[0].fields.Image[0].url to access the more deeply nested information. :slight_smile:

Thank you, it worked perfectly

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