How to access MySQL server?

I know my MySQL server IP address, database name , login ID and password. How can i setup the connection in AppGyver?

I want to be able to connect to MySQL database, not via a REST interface, is it possible in AppGyver?


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in general, tools like this don’t connect “directly” to the database.
there middleware that connects to the db to serve your requests.
in your case, you’d probably have a PHP program to provide the REST endpoints, query the server and send the JSON back to AG.

What Jaymer says is correct but you can also use a tool like DreamFactory to generate an API for you from your database tables. It uses the information you mentioned above your DB IP, user and password and it will assess the tables in your DB and create an API directly from it. This will save you a lot of work on how to create the API yourself.
There are other solutions and I haven’t used them yet. I have an upcoming project where I am planning on using the free version of DreamFactory to generate the APIs so I can’t vouch for them 100% but it looks positive from my research so far.

in it has a free plugin called “SQL database connector” to access a db directly. I am disappointed that there’s no such function in AppGyver …


I have been using Nocodb as api for MySQL.
I put it on Heroku and I’m very satisfied.

Hi Cris Acosta, could you help me, I would like to create an app that connects to the mysql database that is running on a Raspberry Pi, do you think it’s possible?

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Tem bibloteca que acessa API, conecta tudo no Nocodb

Sou Brasileiro sim!
Seria instalar no Raspberry e acessar a api pelo appgyver?

no Raspberry conecta no API e no AppGyver a mesma coisa

Estou com um projeto de OEE com Raspberry, conheci o appgyver recentemente ainda estou engatinhando, mas achei interessante fazer um app integrando com meu projeto!
Blz, vou tentar aqui, muito obrigado!

Não estou conseguindo instalar no Raspberry

Aparece esse erro