How to accomplish "IFS" function

How do we do multiple ifs in appgyver? For example using this dropdown:

If Brass, I need this formula:
data.componentsInventory1.Brand + “-” + data.componentsInventory1.Cartridge + “-Lot#-” + data.componentsInventory1.Lot_Num

If Bullets I need this formula:
data.componentsInventory1.Brand + “-” + data.componentsInventory1.Caliber + “-” + data.componentsInventory1.weight +"-Lot#-" + data.componentsInventory1.Lot_Num

Each dropdown will have a formula to concatenate different data fields together.

Well you could nest the IF(IF()), or if you need a combined condition you can use the regular annotation:
|| - or
&& - and
== - equals
!= - not equals…


Okay, I’ll try that. I almost did that but thought it was very clunky and hoped there was a better solution.

Nested IF worked. Thank you