How to add a key/value pair to an existing list?


from my database I get the Name and Age fields of my users into a data variable. To handle the data in the app I would like to add a boolean field Editing to each of my users.

How to add a key/value pair to an existing list? Or specific in this case: How can one create a list with Name, Age, Editing? To start with Editing should be set to false.

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Hello Joerg,

MAP(data.Users, {name:, age: item.age, editing: false}) gives you a new list with editing set to false for each item. To understand MAP, you can check the docs. :slight_smile:

Thanks @Mari

works like a charm :slight_smile:

I did read the docs but this didn’t reveal itself to me. I got hung up on the term ‘Transform formula’. Perhaps you could include an example with the Transform formula with multiple keys.

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Great! MAP applies the specified transform formula to each of the items in the list.

For example, if your users list had separate firstName and lastName fields, MAP(data.Users, {fullName: item.firstName + " " + item.lastName}) transforms the original input list into a new list that only has their full names.

With this formula, a list like data.Users = [{firstName: "Jack", lastName: "Green"}, {firstName: "Mary", lastName: "White"}] would be transformed into [{fullName: "Jack Green"}, {fullName: "Mary White"}]