How to add catch exception statement to every line of logic

Hello, after a build was working fine for days, all of the sudden the app started randomly crashing and taking me to a debug screen which shows the user the entire debug log. This is a very bad practice and creates a bad user experience. Better to just make a simple Oops, please relaunch the app screen without all the red warnings and the words “critical error” which would make most people think the app is going to harm there phone. Also, please allow us to write catch exception statements on any block of logic, as the error turned out to be some internal error having nothing to do with the code we are able to control with the app builder. It was simply failing to register a ui element in order to give it a shadow. I also notice random things changing in the app every time I close appgyver and come back to the app. Elements data variables are bound to change to different UI elements, the option to show spinner on page load gets turned on on all pages when it was turned off, and many other things. Since this seems so unpredictable, it would be nice to be able to create catch exceptions and a custom debug screen which does not show the error code and a scary warning to a user. I tried submitting a bug report and feature request but every time I try it returns an error saying it could not be added, so I am posting it here as these things are very frustrating. Thank you.

This is being discussed further in this topic.