How to add google-services.json

Hi everyone,
my last build had failed because of the missing google-sevices.json file, this is the first time i encounter this error, can you please guide me on how in add this file to my project ?

Hi, you get it from Firebase (under Project Settings) and add it on the “Advanced” tab of the Android build service.

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Hey thank for answering!
the problem is i don’t have my project related to firebase, should i link it ?

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Hi, if your project doesn’t use Firebase or any Firebase related flow functions at all, you shouldn’t need to include the file. I would still recommend to check the “Installed” tab of the logic canvas to see that no Firebase related flows are installed in the project:

If there is nothing related and the error still persists, please report it as a bug here: Bug Reports | AppGyver

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Here are the installed functions for me :
Screen Shot 2022-02-16 at 14.12.02

i really have no idea why would they ask me for the google-services.json

Yep, looks like a bug.

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Hi, check the installed functions in the login page and delete all containing firebase name.