How to add spacing in between Cells

I have a page where I want to have 3 columns vertically.
Assuming the columns have different widths, how do I achieve this?
I naturally assumed by building a container, and nested in that container is a row, and nested in that row are 3 cells.

The problem that I am having is I want have some padding in between the cells. This doesn’t seem to be allowed.

Is there a more intuitive way to create a page that has 3 columns in it, of varying widths.

Container that has the “horizontal” layout enabled should be the parent container.
Inside that place 3 containers and set their width to the desired percentage or pixels. Also this way you can edit the “style” tab of those subcontainers to add more styling optioons such as padding etc.

In many cases I feel like “horizontal” layout is better than row, because it allows more flexibility.

Find the settings here:

*If you use shadows on the subcontainers make sure to set “Clip overflowing content” to “No”.