How to assign scope to pages

Hello everybody,
is it possible to apply a scope to pages in an app?
if the logged in user has the “admin” role, view pages A, B, C, D, E.
if the logged in user has the “editor” role, he will only view pages A, B.

how is it possible to do it with AppGyver ??
Thank you very much

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It is possible to determine the administrator or publisher role with a Boolean. Example, administrator is true.
After, in visibility of link elements, define a type formula:
if (Boolean == True, visible, not visible)
It is a possibility among others

yes this is a valid option for components (for example a button or a text edit) but how can I define the same thing for a page?

The pages will exist since it is the same application for administrators and editors.
Only, if editors do not see buttons or links to go to pages, publishers cannot know that pages exist.

I imagined that it could go this way, but I was still hoping for some creative solution :slight_smile:

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