How to attach a PDF that can be updated anytime

Good day. I would like to ask if it is possible to Attach a PDF data on my app because I am planning to attach our schedule which a pdf file. I managed to attach it but how can I edit and change it to a new if I already built the app without uploading the app to the playstore.

to do that you would have to provide a link of the pdf in your backend (database) and so you could change it any time
Do you use firebase?

yes I use firebase. It is actually the source right now but the file is only on the storage.

My safest guess is that you need to update the linked file on the Firebase, so that the link always points to the newest version of the PDF.

I can’t find any tutorial doing that. Sorry This is my first build app if you can please help me how to do it. For example for I want to change last months PDF file to this month how I will do it? Thanks

Well, as I have mentioned, this has to be done on the Firebase side, not AppGyver. You simply need to substitute the existing file on the Firebase storage to a new one. See here:

thank you so much @Kirill_Leventcov but i will try do some research I still cant understand because I don’t have any knowledge in coding seeing these thing but can’t seem to understand it at the moment.

const storeFile = async (file) => {
    const ref = firebase.firestore.collection('bin').doc();
    const id =;
    const storageRef ='bin/' + id)
    await storageRef.put(file)

const updateFile = async (id, file) => {
    const storageRef ='/path').child(id);
    // Put the new file in the same child ref.
    await storageRef.put(file);
    // Get the new URL
    const url = await storageRef.getDownloadURL();
    return url;