How to authenticate the user without using any third party database?


I can already sign up the user using the Appgyver Cloud storage and my next task will be the login.


if you enabled the AG user authentication, you should have the log in pages and logic set up in your app automatically. Can you see them in your app?

@Cecilia I can see the log in page in my app, but I don’t know how to add or remove credentials. In the preview app it will just approve any log in. How can I have the username and password be needed on the preview app? Thank you for your help


So I’m guessing you have Direct third party authentication enabled? This can be checked in the Auth tab in the upper menu. That means you should have an external backend where you would manage users, and the log in logic has to be manually configured too (setting REST APIs, setting the logic flows for the log in button, etc).

Enabling authentication only creates the log in page and sets it as the initial view. Everything else needs to be done by the user, because the details are highly dependent on what backend you use :slight_smile: