How to avoid faulty 'go back a page' when tapping icon on left side of screen (iOS)

On the left side of the screen, my app has icons (‘square’ and ‘square ticked’) to work as checkboxes in repeated rows in a ‘recycler view’.

When tapping these icons in the iOS preview app, very often the app switches accidentally to the previous page. Of course this behaviour is very disturbing and very bad for the user experience.

Please have a look on the first video:

However, this behaviour does not occur, when the icons are placed on the right end of the repeated rows. While it works reliably, it is not what users are used about the placement of checkboxes.

Please have a look on the second video:

Does somebody understand the behaviour? Is it most likely an issue of the preview app or will it also accour once the app is published?

Sure, i see the problem, me to, i think that maybe the preview app could be the issue, but the only think i could think other than changing the placement from left to right as you did, would be to create a bigger padding in the left side (i think this could solve the issue, because i guess you are in the area, where the go back gesture is registered)

:thinking: @stayfoolish could you provide me with an app with a page like this that would be acting up like this reliably? I’d like to have someone take a look at this.

Thank you for taking a closer look! I’ve just sent you the credentials via PM.

I need to appologize: the described behaviour is actually due to a ‘open page’ flow function, that got hidden in one of the underlying containers! Very embarrassing ! :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Seems I lost sight of it when building the checkbox manually with icons…