How to bind composite component property to a variable?

I’ve created a composite component with a button in it, and I would like that button to take the user to a new page. AppGyver says I that I cannot access PageID from user-created composite components, so I need to create a property and bind it to the ID of this new page. How do I go about doing this?

Thanks in advance

Hi! Composite components can’t access app/page variables or parameters. You have two options: either passing the app/page variable/parameter into the composite component by creating a new property, or converting the composite into a container. You can do both if you open the composite in isolation mode.

I am facing the same problem and do have absolute no idea how to set a simple link from the composite component to another page of the app. I have allready created parameters (type page id) for the composit component. But how do I pass page id´s to that parameters?

Hi, (a newbie and first post here) I am also stuck on this. I have reviewed a couple of video tutorials: AppGyver: Building A REAL APP with Mock.API | AppGyver Tutorial for Beginners 2021 - YouTube, in particular, got me close to getting the parameter to pass but I can’t seem to get 100% there.
I have created a starting page linked to the next page and I have set up my api correctly so I can view data variables when linked directly on both pages. Also, I can get a static parameter to connect from the starting page to the next page. However, I cannot get the data variable to pass through.

Is this a common problem? Have I set something up incorrectly? Is there a walk-through video somewhere that I missed?

I would be grateful for any advice! Thanks.

I’m facing a similiar problem. I don’t how to fix this.

Is it still possible to convert the composite into a container with the current Appgyver interface? How?

No, it’s not possible anymore as too many things would break. You can clone a composite into a new one if you need to make changes to a specific one, and add required two-way / one-way properties to pass in the relevant information. You can find the input properties in the composite under “Properties” > Properties

how do we convert the composite back to a container so it can be useful?