How to build a dice rolling?

Hi there, does enybody have any experince whit making a dice rolling? alternative dice for the board games…tnx

May be RANDOM function like :
Value = RANDOM() * 6

thanks @Bertrand_BZH , but any tutorial or step-by-step instructions on this topic would be very much appreciated - i’m begginer and have no code knowledge :confused:

Create a container and button

Create a variable DiceResult

In the container put a title component with the variable

After the logic of the button, when component tap, set app varible, assigned value :


You can create a rolling effect with delays between formulas

I hope it’s ok for you.

Hi, woow nice post, you are the man @Bertrand_BZH, thanks a lot, I’m very grateful.
I followed your instructions and successfully replicated your idea. I’m interested in how you would arrange colors instead of numbers… Six colors instead of six numbers? tnx

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There are several ways of doing things.
You can in the container put a formula in background color/new palette/formula like:
If (DiceResult== 1, “red”, if (DiceResult == 2, “green”, if (DiceResult == … etc

I just followed your advice and it works flawlessly, thanks for your help and detailed instructions. I really appreciate. :pray: