How to bulk import data from AirTable (or another API) (or from an uploaded Excel/csv/JSON) in AppGyver Cloud Database?

I have successfully connected to an AirTable, loaded a collection to a data or page variable, and loaded that data into elements, for example, lists. I also see that one can create an AppGyver cloud DB, and do CRUD to the cloud DB. But the create record only allows creating one record at a time.

How can I copy in bulk the data from the data variable having the AirTable data to another data variable (on the AppGyver cloud DB). In other words - how can I “write” the entire collection from the AirTable data variable to the AppGyver cloud data variable - ideally in one operation, or maybe iterate over each item in the AirTable collection and write it one at the time to the AppGyver cloud data variable?

Hi! Sorry this answer is super late, are you still struggling with this? I don’t have any solution that would immediately come to mind, but some hack could probably be figured out if you’re still looking for a way to do this.

Hi, thanks for following up. I ended up not using AirTable. However, I think a solution (if it exists) or a possible hack may be useful for future projects or others. Basically, I am trying to find if there is a way to “bulk import” data into the AppGyver hobby DB, say from a CSV or AirTable.

We don’t currently have an import for this in Composer or anything, but I would probably try to work around the issue by creating a button in my app that I would later remove that would do the data import logic. Not sure if just getting the data and putting it into a collection type data variable and saving it would help, but at least you could chain create records to get ids you don’t have yet and make new records based on those, or something.

A CSV import or something isn’t on our roadmap as of yet, but if you like, you could make a feature request on our tracker.