How to call Data Resources from within the Javascript Node

Hello all-

I’m new to Appgyver, and still trying to figure things out.

My use case requires fetching data collections from a number of different REST APIs. The APIs are in the format: https://<store_domain>/products.json?limit=250&page=<page_no>

I have a data resource setup with url_parameters for the domain and a query parameter for page no.

The data resource works well if I connect a Get Record Collections node to a button with 1 URL at a time.

But now I need to fetch data from only the domains the user has selected (from a list of checkboxes - bound to a page variable of type list of objects)

I could not find a node to build loops in the logic canvas. So I was thinking, I could use a Javascript node to loop forEach selected domain.
But how do I fetch the data collections from the Javascript node? I looked through the documentation but could not find it.

I’m open to any ideas on how to achieve this.

So according to my understanding, you want to dynamically set the Domain section of your API. For this you can use the URL Placeholder method within the data resource. Just bound the selected domain to the url placeholder. If this does’nt work then you can use the Fetch method in Custom Javascript