How to Capture firebase field values in a "LIST" to Variables


I am able to display the list from Firebase on to the a repeated list on the screen. But how to store that value to a app/pageVariable?
I tried for 3 days with no luck

My Firebase JSON/ list looks like below:-

List123{ Name: John , Phone: 878787878 }

I need to Capture/Set Variable as appVars.Name and AppVars.Phone to reuse them in app.

Any help is much appreciated.


LOOKUP(List123, "name")


LOOKUP(List123, "phone")

to the value of those App variables?
More here

and I am using SELECT function in the “Repeat with” section
SELECT( data[“5cd5cd02cd021”], IF( ==, true, false))

How and where should i assign the value from to an appVariable?

These values come from your data. The data is your list source. So your variables should get those lists of names names and phone from that source.

The below solution worked for me.
OnPageMount event → I used GetRecord flow function to route the data variable field to App Variable.